The Rabbit … An Unexpected Journey

Last month, on the 25th of May, I called in sick due to the sniffles (which is still bugging me 2 1/2 weeks later). While I was snuggled up like a bug in bed, hoping for the sniffles to disappear, my mobile phone rang. It was a private number and I immediately knew that it was Westpac. You see, I just changed banks a few weeks back and the only “Private Number” calls I receive are from Westpac. I picked up the phone, silently wondering if I had forgotten to sign papers and needed to pop in a branch immediately to sort things out. I was relieved when it was not KW (the lady I usually deal with), but … someone else. Our conversation went something like this …

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Christchurch and The Cardboard Cathedral

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I last posted something here. It’s not that I haven’t been travelling (well, I haven’t been on any long-distance trips but I have been going in and around Wellington), it’s just that I’ve been crazy busy! So many things have happened in the last 3 months – but I won’t be going into those bits – it’s just been crazy. Happy crazy – but crazy just the same. 🙂

Anyway – sometime in October, the whole clan flew down to the South Island for a much needed holiday. It was originally meant to be a week-long get-away to celebrate my mum’s 65th birthday, and for all of us to be able to put our feet up and just enjoy the beauty that is distinctly The South Island.

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Vineyard at Wanaka

ImageWent to the South Island again earlier in the year and spent the long weekend (I think it was Wellington Anniversary Weekend) up at Wanaka. While at Wanaka, I was fortunate enough to have been able to visit an honest-to-goodness working vineyard! I think I was there on a Sunday which is why the place is deserted. It wasn’t the “Walk In The Clouds” type of sprawling vineyard but it was one just the same. Was quite excited about it because I’ve never really been this close to grapes on a vine. Well, mama has some grapes in her garden, but that doesn’t count. 😛

Amazing Arrowtown

YUZH! I’ve finally managed to find the time to write about something. I had meant to blog about Arrowtown last Wednesday but, for some reason, the temperature dropped and all of a sudden, it became too cold for my body to function. I had all these ideas going through my head but my feet and fingers just wanted to feel the warmth of my electric blanket. It’s really quite chilly – it’s much colder now than this time last year. Brrr ….

Anyway … Arrowtown. On the first day of my second South Island Sojourn (the first was in 2008), after dumping my stuff at The Base, I headed off to Arrowtown to witness their Autumn Festival. I seriously didn’t know this was going to be held on the week I would be in town. I found out about all about it some time before I had to fly off. I think I did a Google search on Arrowtown (I think I was looking for someplace to eat) and the Arrowtown Autumn Festival came up.

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And I’m Back!

Whew! I’m finally somewhat settled after taking that wonderfully gruelling week of travelling. In case you didn’t know, I went to the South Island again, and visited three main cities in a span of 7 days! I went to Queenstown, which was still as beautiful as ever (and had half a day in Arrowtown and a whole day at Skippers Canyon), took the bus to, and spent some time in Invercargill, then took the shuttle and ferry to and spent a few days at Stewart Island. Of course I had to make my way back to Queenstown after Stewart Island for my flight back up to Auckland. I’m exhausted, have several hundred images I need to sift through and lots of stories to tell. I’ll sort out my thoughts first (and finish some articles I need to submit by this coming Monday). I hope to be more coherent tomorrow. Meanwhile, I shall leave you with this …

Crystal Clear Lake Hayes

It’s a photo I took of Lake Hayes, while on the bus to Arrowtown. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Well, the South Island is beautiful, I suppose it has something to do with the imposing mountain ranges which the North Island doesn’t have. The Remarkables at Queenstown really are remarkable and the mountain ranges that lead up to Wanaka and Tekapo are just amazing. Anyway. I’ll compose my thoughts first and write more stories tomorrow.


Almost at the edge …

Greetings from surprisingly warm Invercargill! Yes, I am in the South Island and tomorrow, I will set foot on the southernmost part of the country – Stewart Island. I left foggy Hamilton on Saturday and flew into Queenstown on Sunday morning. It was quite nippy but not as cold or chilly as I thought it would be. I took the bus to town (got the $17.00 day pass) and immediately proceeded to Arrowtown to take part in their Autumn Festival. Got there just in time to see a couple of men dressed up as cow girls running towards what I assume to be the finish line (it was some sort of a race). I then walked around the little town and took pictures of the various scarecrows that lined the streets. Afterwards, I decided to walk along the Arrowtown River. I wanted to go to Tobin’s peak? just to see Arrowtown from above. However, when I saw that I needed to go up a hill to get to the peak, I opted against it. Although I did have my hardy hiking boots on, I didn’t know the area. I didn’t want to get lost on the first day of my holiday … So I meandered back towards the bus pick up point and took the buses back to Queenstown.

At Queenstown, I stayed at the Base and I would greatly recommend this backpacker’s facility to anyone. The place is in the centre of town and about a block and a half from the bus depot. The rooms are tidy and each 8-bed dorm room has it’s own toilet and bath facility – which means, it’s semi-communal. The toilet and bathrooms are a wee bit tiny, but they are clean and are separated from one another. The staff are friendly and the reception desk is manned 24/7 – which is great! I’ll try to upload photos of the Base later on.

Got to go. I’ve got 3 minutes left on my timer and don’t want to run out. I tried to upload photos but I think the card reader in this machine is not working. Will have to upload images later on.

More stories to come! Meanwhile, have a great rest of the week!


Last import from my old blog. After this is done, I’m going to delete that one and just focus on this. Since I’m migrating the text from another site and attempting (take note, the operative word here is ATTEMPTING) to consolidate all my accounts, some of the links may no longer work, so don’t click on anything – well, you can but it might lead you to a dead link.

Anyway, here’s the post on Queenstown. Ms. Kaladkarin and I visited this lovely place in December 2008  when we had that South Island Sojourn. Queenstown’s absolutely amazing during the Summer, it must be even more so during Winter. I hope to be able to visit Queenstown mid-year, when the Remarkables are covered in snow. We were supposed to go there last June (and again in September) but on both instances, circumstances prevented us from travelling. Oh well, perhaps I’ll have my chance again in 2012…

Welcome to Queenstown

On Boxing Day, my friend and I (for all intents and purposes, I shall call her Travel Companion or ‘TC’) went to Queenstown, at the South Island of New Zealand, for a much needed Christmas Break. After a whole year of backbreaking labour, we felt that we deserved to hie off somewhere and just relax. Since Air New Zealand fares for that period were way beyond our meager budget, we decided to skip the NZ’s national carrier and ride the Kangaroo (Qantas) instead.

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Hah! Who would have thought that barely a month after I flew back in from the South Island, I’d actually fly out again for a weekend getaway? I didn’t think I’d be going anywhere for the next who knows how long since I had kinda used up my savings but Air New Zealand came up with this amazing weekend package that was simply too delicious to resist.

Imagine this: 2 round trip airplane tickets from Auckland to Dunedin; accommodation for 2 nights at Living Space Dunedin, free parking at the Auckland Domestic Carpark, and free Speights Brewery tour for 2 all for just $219.00 (all inclusive and per person)! Who can resist that?!

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Meet the Marlborough (wo)Man…

(This is an old entry, which I’m moving from my previous MySoreFeet site to this one. I wrote this on February 2009 – almost a year ago. I miss riding horses – even though being on one gave me a massively sore bumbum.)

That’s me and my horse, well, our shadows actually.

Perhaps I should rename this blog “MySoreBum” instead of “MySoreFeet” because the things I did on the last two posts (this and the previous one) gave me sore bums! Hahaha! I was looking through the New Plymouth website and came across a Horse Trekking advertisement. When I read the words “Horse Trekking” all of a sudden, memories of my last horse trekking adventure just came flooding back!

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