Pink Star Walk

Yesterday, some parts of the Wellington Waterfront turned PINK as several men and women braved the gale-force winds to participate in Estée Lauder’s Pink Star Walk, an event that’s geared to raise funds for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. There are three Pink Star Walks in New Zealand, one in the major cities of the country (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) and the first of the three walks kicked off right here in Wellington. Participants are called Pink Star Walkers and they have the choice of completing either a 5 km or a 10 km walk. They are trialing a half-marathon walk in Christchurch and if that’s successful they may include that in the Auckland and Wellington routes next year.

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A Picnic @ Otaki Forks

The Grizzly Bear and I went out for a drive last weekend because we wanted to make the most out of the glorious sunshine that bathed the Capital. It was decided we’d drive up the coast (Kapiti area) and find someplace to have lunch ,sit around a bit more and then drive back to the city. We brought enough food with us – we had half a chicken each, 2 bottles of Lemon Lime and Bitters, a big 2L bottle of water and a bit of leftover orange juice. I thought we’d be having a picnic at Raumati Beach or perhaps at one of those little rest areas you see at the side of the road. No. The Grizzly Bear, apparently, had something else in mind.

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Transitions ….

Just a wee note to say I’m going to be changing the blog’s address (and the blog name) within a few weeks because the existing title (mysorefeet) no longer applies. I had created this site because I wanted it to be a travel blog of sorts, but I haven’t been travelling lately (although I still have heaps of photos and stories from my previous trips that I have yet to sort out) nor do I see myself going out and about in the next few weeks / months or maybe even a couple of years! I’ve also been posting a few bits about my culinary catastrophes, restaurants I’ve visited, my hobbies and stuff I’ve been occasionally asked to do – it’s become one great big melting pot of stories! Besides, I’ve been told that the word “sore” didn’t sound too pleasant. I had defended it saying – it means there’s movement, there’s change. If you’re not sore, then you don’t feel, you don’t learn you’re stagnant – but I was outvoted. Therefore, after much consideration, the name’s going to go and it’ll be changed to something a bit more apt, and hopefully that’ll be the LAST change ever!

Not sure yet when the change will take effect, but it will be before October. I figured I have to do it soon otherwise I’ll keep putting it off and then 10 million years would’ve passed and I’m still using the old address, still feeling grumpy that the whole title doesn’t fit with anything. Will still be posting stories in the interim, but yes – a change is coming.

Watch This Space. :)