Sunrise @ Sunrise Hut

Tramping Partner and I went on an overnight tramp recently (Auckland Anniversary Weekend 2018). We left Wellington at about 6am and reached our destination – the carpark at North Block Road in the Hawke’s Bay Area – at about 11:00. After a quick meal and a thorough double check of our packs, we headed off to the Hut.

View from the carpark – you can see the clouds forming on top of the mountains

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Traipsing on the Tongariro

From Start to Finish …

The British Dictionary defines Traipse (/treɪps/) as:


1. (intransitive) to walk heavily or tiredly


2. a long or tiring walk; trudge

and that’s exactly what I did on and what it was on the last Sunday of January when I (together with the Grizzly Bear, sisterhood and a few other folk) completed the Tongariro Crossing.

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A Picnic @ Otaki Forks

The Grizzly Bear and I went out for a drive last weekend because we wanted to make the most out of the glorious sunshine that bathed the Capital. It was decided we’d drive up the coast (Kapiti area) and find someplace to have lunch ,sit around a bit more and then drive back to the city. We brought enough food with us – we had half a chicken each, 2 bottles of Lemon Lime and Bitters, a big 2L bottle of water and a bit of leftover orange juice. I thought we’d be having a picnic at Raumati Beach or perhaps at one of those little rest areas you see at the side of the road. No. The Grizzly Bear, apparently, had something else in mind.

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